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Friday, May 21, 2010

Squashed-Fly Biscuits

It's a Fruit Shortcake biscuit (or cookie, depending on which side of the pond you're from), known to the boys in Forensics and us Hickmotts as a 'squashed-fly' biscuit, for obvious reasons. Some people insist that Garibaldis are the squashed-fly biscuits, but they are wrong! Ha ha!
This is a Garibaldi, and you can see we have the same concept going on - cookie with raisins or currants in it. But the fruit shortcake wins out in my opinion because of the lighter texture and the light sprinkle of sugar. Yum!

When I think of Fruit Shortcake biscuits it always reminds me of being on holiday at Butlin's with my Mum and Sis with me in one chalet and in the next chalet, Len and Elsie, my grandparents, who always but always brought their camping stove with them (even though this was against the rules) and brewed up a pot of tea at the crack of bloody dawn every day. They would knock on our door bearing tea and Fruit Shortcake biscuits at around 6 a.m. Loved the idea of being brought a cup of tea in bed, but puh-lease! 6 a.m. (or sometimes earlier) is a bit much when you're on vacation - you know, supposedly relaxing and enjoying yourself....

Anyway, it's a superb cookie (sorry, biscuit), great for dunking in tea or coffee, and it's one of the British things I craved while in the States, along with Angel Delight and Spotted Dick.

Well, on to this week's question... Name This Food!


  1. Not only was it at 6AM,but also in Tupperware beakers,which made it taste weird!

  2. a wonder they didnt burn the bloomin place down really Then Elsie would steal bread from the breakfast table to feed the bloomin ducks. the mystery item I know I know

  3. I love food memories like that. I love how a certain sight and taste and texture can take you right to a certain place and time. I am not sure how much I want to think about squashed flies for breakfast though.


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