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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Well, this...

is Coconut Ice!

A sweet coconutty confection that I absolutely loved as a kid.

The following is a recipe for coconut ice. It’s ideal for school bake sales, village fêtes, church fairs, that sort of thing. Kids love making and eating sweet things, and coconut ice is one that doesn’t require any cooking or any real kitchen know-how, so it’s a safe recipe for small hands to get stuck into.

If you’re making this with your brood, it’s worth buying pink food colouring rather than just using a teensy-weensy amount of red. Children let loose on red colouring can easily produce coconut ice that looks like the St Valentine’s Day Massacre, so splash out on the pink stuff for a reliably Barbie-pink finish.

To make just over a kilogram of coconut ice, you’ll need:

400g dessicated coconut
400g icing sugar
1 tin (397g) condensed milk
½ teaspoon pink food colouring

In a large bowl, stir the dessicated coconut, icing sugar and condensed milk together until you have a stiff, sticky mixture. Remove half the coconut ice to a clean bowl and add the food colouring, then stir again until the colour is blended in smoothly. (Here you will need to help the kids because it's very stiff and stirring it will require adult muscle.)

Line a small rectangular dish with cling film, making sure there is plenty overhanging at the sides. (Later, you will fold these overhanging bits over to cover the coconut ice.) Grease the cling film with a few drops of vegetable oil. Take the white portion of coconut ice and pack it firmly into the lined dish, making sure you produce an even layer. Pack the pink portion into a neat layer on top of the white layer. They will stick together firmly, thanks to the amazing adhesive qualities of sugar and condensed milk. Fold the cling film over the top and refrigerate the coconut ice overnight.

When the coconut ice is nice and firm from the fridge, turn it out of the dish, using the cling film to help, and peel the film away. Chop into little squares (a serrated knife is useful here), dust with icing sugar and pack in greaseproof paper for the Grand Vicarage Fête.

Okay, what's the next food?

Name This Food!

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  1. Turkish Delight! It's not so popular over here -most Americans have only heard of it from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe but don't know what it is- though I like it quite a bit. It's a texture thing.


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