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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

We recently went up to Ramsgate to visit with Kylie and baby Clark. There's a two-minute walk from her place to the Churchill Tavern.

It's a really nice pub with a good selection of beers,

 a great menu,

 and £5 lunch specials which are indeed not to be sniffed at. When I looked at the list of beer prices I was gobsmacked. There were easily 6 bitters on the list, none of which was over £3/pint, and one in particular was this fine pint of Greene King IPA which was a mere £1.90.

To those international readers among you, let me just put that in perspective for you. I work at a members-only club where the beer prices are cheaper than most pubs locally, and we charge £2.94 for all bitters. So to see a beer for a whole £1.04 cheaper was stunning. I hadn't actually planned on having a beer but at that price it'd be churlish not to.

So we looked at the lunch menu which had some baked potatoes, sandwiches and other meals for just £5. So here's what we all had.

Kylie's baked potato with beans.

Laura's tuna doorstep sandwich.

My ham egg & chips.

Sis's ham sandwich.

No skimping on size or filling. 
So with the ladies all drinking Coke and my £1.90 pint, we'd all stuffed ourselves silly for just under £7 each.

The pub was beautifully appointed, too.

Here's a flier for the pub. If you are in the Ramsgate area I thoroughly recommend it.

P.S. This is on tap too, by the way.

My verdict: 5 yums out of 5!

Kooshti sante!

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