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Monday, October 7, 2013

Windfall Apple Crumble

The other day we went out for a walk and a forage. We picked a few blackberries but we found a load of windfall apples in a local disused orchard. To me, it's criminal that this orchard with its hundreds of trees is not being looked after - we have fewer and fewer orchards in this country and when they aren't even picking the apples for use as cider apples, it breaks my heart. Still, I am going to keep using it for a source of apples until such time as they either use it again or pull it out and build on it (which is likely what will happen).

Here is my Apple Crumble photo essay...

Some of the apples we found.

Peeled, chopped, sprinkled with cinnamon and mixed spice and some vanilla sugar.

Vanilla sugar is easy. When you get a hold of vanilla pods and use them, put the discarded pods into a container of sugar and leave it there. The sugar will absorb the vanilla scent and taste incredible.

2 cups flour, 1 cup vanilla sugar, mixed spice.

With margarine added and blended with the fingers to the consistency of breadcrumbs.

Had some of this left, so...

I crushed it up....

and put it in the crumble mixture.

After topping the apples, baking on 190 C for about 45 minutes, this is what it looked like.
Mm mm mm...

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