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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jeff's Lazy Cooking Tip Of The Day (Or Week, Whatever)

If you are a busy person, pushed for time with hungry mouths to feed, you could do worse than to pick up any of the fine range of products from Old El Paso. They're quick to make and pretty tasty. Such was the case tonight with us here at Chez Jeff.

We stopped by the local new butcher in town, Farm Butchers and picked up a few skinless chicken breasts.

Then we trotted down to Waitrose in search of the Old El Paso section.

Here's what we bought.

Now, as those of you that have used one of these kits before will know, you are required to add an onion and a couple of bell peppers to the cooked chicken and the seasoning mix and simmer for a while. Et voila!

However, we like to add a bit more in the way of veg, so we popped over to the produce section and bought two of these:

When I had gotten home, got the chicken cut up and cooking in the skillet, I took the veg and cut them into smaller chunks. I then added them to the chicken.

Simmer a little, add the spice mix, open the salsa, grate some cheese, steam the tortillas...

Dinner is served. What more could a lazy cook want? Oh yeah - the address of a good butcher.

Farm Butchers Tenterden
Unit 5, 3-5 The Cellars
Market Square, High Street
TN30 6BN
Phone 01580 763932
Email info@johnhoweturkeys.com

Web www.johnhoweturkeys.com

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