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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Food Bites

One of the great pleasures in going to Tesco supermarkets is to be had when you go there late in the day, say, an hour or so before closing. The reason why is because this is the time when a lot of stuff gets reduced in price, and especially at this time of year it's useful to pick up some reduced price bbq items you can sling in the freezer for use at a later time. For example, when it's a nice day and you can fire up the BBQ grill and pull out a couple packs of kebabs or burgers and hey presto! dinner is served.

It's also useful if you want to grab some breakfast items because they mark down unsold bread products that are baked instore daily, such as donuts and rolls, turnovers, etc.

Such was the case yesterday when we were in Tesco and there was one of these left.

It's a "Rise & Shine Breakfast Twist", a pastry filled with baked beans and smoked cheese. Or at least, that's the idea. I grabbed the item as it was marked down to a paltry 19p. Normal price is 95p.

I tried it this morning for breakfast. First thing I noticed was how tasteless and doughy the pastry is. Practically flavourless and quite chewy. And as for the beans and cheese, they seemed to have all gathered near the centre. So it was quite tasty in the middle, but a bit rubbish on each end. And it wasn't twisty at all. All in all it has the potential to be good, similar in style to a Stromboli, but Tesco need to up their game a little to make me buy another one. There is a Honey, Oat and Fruit Twist available too, and I can only hope it's more tasty than this.

This evening we ordered from Star Kebab and Pizza in St. Michaels. They are owned by Zafer Bayram who also owns the Quality Kebab van which is in Recreation Ground Rd every evening. Recently Laura and I have taken to ordering their Falafel Box and Falafel Burger, and they are delicious.

The Falafel Box consists of 4 freshly made falafels, on a bed of hummus (plenty of that!) and accompanied by a load of salad (red and white cabbage slices, sliced lettuce, onion and tomatoes). It's a lot of food for under £4! The Falafel Burger basically takes the contents of the box and sticks it in a bun, with a box of salad on the side, for £4.50. Delicious. If you're in the Tenterden area, you can order by phone or online at http://starkebabandpizza.restajet.com/

Not the actual Falafel Burger, but you get the idea.
Delighted to announce that the long-empty Wine Kitchen restaurant in Tenterden high Street is now open as Montalbano restaurant. http://montalbanorestaurant.co.uk/ If you go to  http://www.mytenterden.co.uk/pdf/voucher-Montalbano-Restaurant.pdf  you can download a voucher for 20% off your food bill  which is valid thru to the 6th August.
I stumbled upon their grand opening last night, there were crowds out on the pavement and it was jam-packed inside. There were free appetizers (delicious) and free prosecco being proffered by the friendly staff. It looks great and I cannot wait to go there for a meal.

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