“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Yummy Digest

Had some puff pastry. Had some sausage meat. Made some pinwheels.

Here's a roundup of some of the delicious treats I've partaken of recently.

Tesco's now has an American foods section where you can buy overpriced imported sweeties and Lucky Charms and stuff like that. The Butterfinger cups had been an extortionate price but there were only two left so they were half off.Still pricey but not as bad as they had been (£3 a pack, I kid you not). Had to try them and I have to say I did not notice a significant difference in taste between them and \Reese's, but they were square which was different. The plantain chips were delicious, though.

This is my new favourite pizza, known as the Sucuklu, it's a traditional Mediterranean pizza with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peppers and Mediterranean sausage, made by the good folks at Star Pizza and Kebab in St. Michaels, Tenterden. You can order online at http://starkebabandpizza.restajet.com/ or call on 01580764290.

Another one of Jane Brown's incredible cakes.

Recently went to Bluewater where we saw this beautiful Rolls-Royce Ice Cream Van.

While there, we went to Ed's Easy Diner where the kid's meals have mac & cheese nuggets.

Another Suklucu.  I guess you can say I'm a fan.

I had a pretty decent crop of raspberries this year. These are the canes that were given to me by my friends Mandy and Kev a few years back.

We have had some seaside fun this year, and it's something of a rule in our family that if you are at the seaside, you must have an ice cream and you must take a picture of it being eaten.

My one and only barbecue this year (so far - I want to have one on my birthday even if it's bitterly cold) and I had purchased a cheap belly pork joint. I had a jar of jerk paste in the cupboard so I slathered it all over the pork and marinated it for a couple of hours, then plonked it on the grill. Once it had developed a good crust I sliced the sucker up. Mmm. 

Laura, Rosie and I took a trip to Tunbridge Wells where we found the Chegworth Farm shop, a foodie's paradise. I had to buy this as it sounded so good, despite the hefty price tag. It was worth it.

Some days you just can't beat a good old cauliflower cheese.

This is my deconstructed fajita. I just pile everything on top of the tortillas and then add the cheese.

Another pic from Tunbridge Wells. We ate at Jamie's Italian and got a free appetizer - pecorino cheese with fresh chillies, mint and chilli jam.

The large superfood salad from Jamie's.  All kinds of good stuff going on in here.

Jamie's truffle tagliatelle. Very subtle and buttery.

Last but not least. Whose crazy idea was this?


  1. Wait a minute! What do you mean American food? I have never once seen a Butterfinger peanut butter cup stateside. Now that you have shown me they exist, I am deeply resentful these exist and apparently are all being shipped to the U.K. Why?

  2. Wait, wait! Don't shoot the messenger! I am merely the reporter here, and since they were placed in the American foods section it was only reasonable of me to assume they were available across yonder pond. Especially considering we don't have Butterfinger bars over here. I shall do some research and find out for you if these things were merely a one-off or are being test-marketed or something. Sorry! Sorry! Many apologies etc....


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