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Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthdays, Beers and Knickerbocker Glory

Alrighty then! First of all I have two nights' worth of food to report on, today being my Mum's birthday and all that. Last night I cooked for her a nice piece of salmon which was purchased at Bloomsbury's in Biddenden, on the Sissinghurst road. I cooked it in a 200 degrees C oven with a balsamic-redcurrant glaze and some baby red onion on top. I served it with a salad of lambs lettuce, watercress, red cos, tomato and spring onion with an accompanying cucumber vinaigrette and some Exquisa potatoes from jolly old Tesco which were a steal at just £1 for a kilo. Lovely little potatoes that I cooked whole and served with a little butter, they didn't need anything else. Tonight I cooked another risotto which was pretty nice also, this time Mum had bought some Tiger prawns and Rye Bay scallops just for this purpose. Fresh from the sea at Dungeness. Lovely!

I need to report on three beers. I was highly impressed with one of them, and kind of liked the other two but not as much. Here they are, in order of  how much I liked them:

  • Wells & Youngs Waggle Dance. A honey brewed beer, very nice. Difficult to describe the taste, but just try it for yourself. It's lovely, and would have been even better if it had been cold.
  • Another Wells brew, this time it was Bombardier Burning Gold. Nice, but a bit ordinary. 

  • Fuller's London Pride. This is just okay. If someone offered me one I wouldn't turn it down, but I wouldn't cross the street to buy some.

Now, the next part of this little post concerns the Name This Food! portion of the blog, which, despite her apparent inability to get the comments post to work, was won by my sister, who informed me on Facebook. Well done, sis, for correctly guessing that the answer was in fact Knickerbocker Glory! Now we see it can be done, here's the next one to tantalize your tastebuds and exercise your grey matter...

Can you Name This Food!?

Hopefully we'll get a correct answer from someone who isn't directly related to me, but no matter. Correct answers are correct answers. Thinking caps on, folks!

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