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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So today Sis and I went to Zest Cafe/Bar/Restaurant in town. We had to go to the Post Office, and it so happened that Zest is two doors away, and it was getting towards lunchtime. The place was pretty busy so we sat on one of the outside tables, whch is where I took the above pictures. Unfortunately, being me, I did not think to take pics until after we had eaten, so I couldn't show you our scrummy dishes. I had the chicken liver pate with the red onion marmalade... delicious stuff. Sis availed herself of the baked potato with prawns, which was enormous. Great big jacket spud laden with mounds of prawns, a side of delicious coleslaw and some salad. I had a glass of Big Tom, a nicely spicy tomato juice, while Sis stuck to the Diet Coke. A lovely place and not terribly pricey. Of course, Sis and I cannot go anywhere without letting our anarchic senses of humour and general silliness make people look at us in a funny way and laugh uneasily. I was taking the above pic of the delicious banoffee pie and the young strapping lad who was taking the money said that maybe he should get in the pic for the blog, whereupon Sis told the chap that she'd be needing a copy of it too. He turned beet red and beat a hasty retreat to the back of the restaurant. Anyway, Zest easily gets a four and a half yums out of 5.

Zest Cafe Bar Restaurant - Tenterden

4 Manor Row, High Street, Tenterden, TN30 6HP

TEL: 0871 872 9316


  1. The boy also gets four and a half yums!!

  2. I'll have what your sis had! Love prawns :)

  3. you didn't tell me there was a boy on the menu


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