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Monday, October 11, 2010

Beer - Birthday - Biryani

The other night I went with Laura to the local Indian place, Badsha Tandoori, to celebrate our friend Sheila's birthday. Another friend, Kim, was there, and we four had a good old slap-up Indian feast.
First order of business - get the drinks in and get some pappadums on the table.

Can't beat a pint of Kingfisher lager.

The pappadums come with about four different types of dip/relish to eat with them, and this is the real spicy one. That's why you need the beer.
 Then it was time to order. Sheila ordered a Chicken Madras, Kim had a Korma. I opted for the Mushroom Biryani.
This is the biryani. Sorry about the blur, really low light conditions in the restaurant.

I also had a stuffed paratha. Delicious soft bread with an almost pancake-like texture, stuffed with finely chopped veggies.

This is the sauce for the biryani.
Laura opted for the Tandoori Mixed Grill. Lots of different types of meat, cooked tandoori style, with a side salad.

No Indian meal is complete without Naan.
After dinner, we repaired to The White Lion for more beverages of an adult nature.
Pint of Marston's English Pale Ale, with an Amaretto Di Saronno and lemonade in the background and Sheila's glass of rosé to the right.
Ah, curry and beer - what could be more British?


  1. Doesn't look like the traditional biryani do try this Biryani recipe. its awesome.

  2. Like i said... low light conditions. Believe me, the (Indian) guys that run the Badsha Tandoori have been making food like this all their lives, and they know their stuff. Not only that, but I am no stranger to biryanis, and this was a corker! Also, while I appreciate your link (whoever you are, Anonymous person), I found the site a little tough going due to the pidgin English. Nice recipes though.


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