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Monday, April 18, 2011

Nibbles & Fruity Beer

Went on Sunday for a quick nibble at Café Rouge. We weren't super hungry so we chose from the  Petit Plats  menu, or at least I did. Laura had the Soupe Du Jour  which was Sweet Potato and Parsnip, and was fabulous.

It came with some focaccia bread that was impregnated with some rosemary. Yum.
I had two delicious items from the Petit Plats,  first was the Feta et Poivron...

Feta cheese, marinated red peppers and some crusty bread.
and Houmous. 
Is it houmous or hummus? Why is there no hard and fast rule of how to spell it? It's like Gaddafi. No-one seems to be able to decide whether it's spelt with a G, a K or a Q. Make a decision, people.
Laura had a Coke to drink, but I plumped for a bottle of Fruli, which is a wheat beer that is flavoured by strawberry juice, giving it a sweet flavour and gorgeous colour.

The trouble with Fruli is that because it is such a delicious drink it is very easy to drink, and therefore it could be quite dangerous if one had a case of it. You could easily plough through a few bottles and be drunk as a skunk before you knew where you were. It's very very nice. Hic!

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