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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When it comes to summer I don't do well. I'm a big guy and when the temperatures start hitting the roof I feel like a grizzly that's just been shot by a tranquillizer dart. However, summer does bring one consolation. Summer cocktails.
So with the weather nerds, if they are to be believed, predicting a long hot summer, may I present to you the first in my Summer Series...


Yeah, whaddya want?
with your barkeep, Jeff

So let's get started shall we?
OK all you thirsty people, when it's hot you want a drink that will not only cool you down but you want VFM, that's Value For Money, right? You don't want a drink that's going to be gone in two or three mouthfuls, you want something that will last a while, preferably in a pitcher, like a Sangria or Margarita or Mojito. Of course here in the UK we have the classic Pimm's which always works a treat, but how about a little adventure? Start by putting a large jug in the freezer, as this will help keep your cocktails chillin'. And let's explore some of the more unusual Pitcher Cocktails.

Have You Got Any Irish In You?

Here's a variation on the classic Moscow Mule that will have you kicking up your heels Michael Flatley-style in no time. It's called the Irish Mule.
Put two shots of lime juice in the jug, add four shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey and three dashes of Angostura bitters. Add three cans of ginger beer, a few lime wedges, top up with ice and stir. Faith and begorrah.

Una Paloma Roja

The Paloma is the true national cocktail of Mexico. It is a refreshing, tequila-based alternative to boring old vodka and cranberry juice. Put eight shots of Patron Silver or other good-qualtiy tequila, one shot of sugar syrup, 400ml of ruby red grapefruit juice (less than half a carton) and the juice of one lime in your ice-filled pitcher, stir well and top with soda water. Serve in a salt-rimmed highball glass. Ay caramba!

And Finally, you need your veggies...

Crush three sticks of celery (yes, celery!) at the bottom of a jug with a wooden spoon, add 12 shots of 6 O'Clock Gin, three shots of Cointreau, two shots of sugar syrup, four shots of passion-fruit purée and 750ml of cloudy apple juice, top up with ice and use more celery to stir. The perfect celery-tini. By the way, you can buy 6 O' Clock Gin (you owe it to yourself, believe me) here in Tenterden where your local purveyor is of course Liquid Pleasure.

Alright, folks. Closing time. Go home now. More next time. 

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