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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dining Out

Well, it's been a bit hectic recently what with one thing and another so I have not been blogging as frequently as I could have been. However, whenever I've been out to eat I've been taking pics, so now I need to sort through what I have and publish a few, along with some recommendations. Here goes!

On Father's Day we had a cracking lunch at a pub in Great Chart called The Hoodener's Horse.
A 'hoodener', by the way, is sort of like a Morris Dancer, but also a tad like a Mummer. In Hoodening the plot of the play-acting-musical-thingy always involves a horse, usually portrayed as a tired old nag exhausted by the farm labour. For more insight, see http://www.dealhoodeners.org.uk/

Chris had fajitas! Ay caramba!

My spicy Mexican omelette which had peppers and onions and mushrooms.

Roast beef and all the trimmings.

Individual Banoffee Pie

Spotted Dick and custard!

A few days later we had occasion to stop in at The Bull in Rolvenden, which is under new management. The decor was great, the food was pretty tasty, but the atmosphere I found a little stilted, which was a pity.

Another omelette, mushrooms again.

Big cheese and pickle baguette!

Matt had a burger.

Loved the loo!

At Tentertainment I was given a couple of Cafe Rouge vouchers, and so a few days later Laura and I stopped by there for a bite of lunch...
Laura had the Chicken Caesar Salad...

Mine was the baguette with hummus, rocket and raosted red peppers. Yum.

We have also eaten (again) at The William Caxton (twice). Can't help it, it's just so good...

Fish and chips!

Spicy 3-bean chili, with rice. They are not kidding. Whoo it's spicy, but delicious.

And again...

Laura's ginormous Caxton Club Sandwich, which I had to help her with, being eyed up by Tikki the Malamute.

I had the amazing Fish Finger Buttie. Two doorsteps of granary bread and homemede fish goujons inside with tartare sauce. Wow.

Well folks, that's got you all caught up. Kooshti Sante!

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