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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Rabbit About Sainsbury's

Actually, I don't believe I've ever written anything about Sainsbury's, but it's not easy to think up witty titles for blog posts, you know. I have had to resort to a blatant allusion to the famed Chas & Dave song "Rabbit" that contains the line you've got more rabbit than Sainsbury's. I apologise profusely.

We had to go shopping for some stuff. It happens to us all. Groceries are a necessity, however one does tend to grow tired of the same old same old. So we headed over to Ashford to look at the new improved rebuilt remodeled Sainsbury's. It's huge, and has one of those lovely 'travelators'. What's a travelator?It's a moving walkway that goes up at an angle to the next floor, and you can stand on it with your shopping cart and ride in style. (Actually, you stand there looking kinda dorky, but you get the idea).  However we are not here to talk about Sainsbury's groceries. We are here to talk about the cafe in the new improved etc. Sainsbury's. Usually food places in big-ass supermarkets are pretty dire, but this one is fab. Light, airy, clean, spacious...

As well as the typical teas and coffees you have the menu of hot freshly made food, the cakes and scones in front and to the side there is a chilled cabinet containing drinks and ready-made sandwiches. However, comparing these to the menu behind the counter I found myself scratching my head and asking an age-old question: Why on earth would anyone pay £3 for a sarnie when you can get a fresh baked potato with salad for £2.50? Actually I don't believe that is an age-old question, but the question of 'why buy packaged food that is more expensive than freshly cooked grub when you are in a cafe with tables so presumably you're going to sit down anyway?' crossed my mind.

It was settled. Hot food was the way to go. So after perusing the menu board, Sis and I both went for the fabulous-sounding Mega Brunch... only £4.95.

2 sausage,  2 bacon, 2 eggs, beans, chips and mushrooms (in the centre under the egg white). Yum.
Laura meanwhile had chosen the Lasagne, for £4.59 (I think - the old memory is going).

The service was prompt and efficient, the place was clean, the prices were reasonable and there was a half-decent view out of the window...

So it's a car park, but if you click to enlarge you'll notice it is a sunny day and there are some green hills beyond.
So even though I am basically not into giant corporate structures such as this, it's pretty good in terms of value and ambience. A definite 4 out of 5.

Kooshti sante!

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