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Friday, February 18, 2011

Another One Bites The Crust

As followers of this blog undoubtedly are aware, this is not my only blog. I also write a little thing called The World Of Jeff! over at http://jeffie2k.blogspot.com. In it, I discuss not only issues that are on my mind, but I talk a lot about TV, movies, and especially music. I mention these sort of things in passing over here on The Food Of, but mainly we deal with food-related issues over here (natch).

Occasionally, though, I get little ideas that tickle my fancy, and sometimes I see fit to run them by you. As we are nearing the one-year anniversary of The Food Of (yes! March 1st, people. Get ready.), I thought perhaps we might enjoy a little game, a little audience participation, if you will.

In the 80s my sis and I were avid readers of a music mag called Smash Hits! In later years it degenerated into a formulaic teeny-bop magazine full of boy bands, but in the 80s it was quite groundbreaking. Blessed with writers and editors such as Neil Tennant in his pre-Pet Shop Boys days and Mark Ellen, they did the magazine equivalent of what is known in film and TV as 'Breaking the fourth wall', whereby an actor in a film or TV show looks at the camera directly with a little comment or aside, just to let you know they know you're watching, and you're all in on it. In Smash Hits the relationship between the reader and the writers was similar, it was like we were all in on some big private joke, and the mugs were the musicians who didn't get that here was a music magazine that did not take itself seriously. In the letters section, most of the letters were long elaborate jokes and puns (In the jungle with Sweep and Bungle, he lay on Sweep's two kites...), and there began a 'thread' (to use a modern term) of letters concerning song titles and food. Puns were made up, mostly awful ones, but it made me laugh.

So here's the idea.

I want you to think up some food-related song titles. Puns are most definitely allowed. I'll give you a couple of examples to get you started.

Bonnie Tyler - It's A Hard Egg
The Beatles - Dear Prune Juice
The Beatles - The Salad Of John And Yoko

You get the idea. Now I know there are a bunch of you smart people out there with creative minds - I can hear you breathing. Get your thinking trousers on and send me your best ones. You know you can do it!

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