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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Liquid Pleasure - Grand Opening

Tenterden, Saturday 19th February, 2011. Grey, cold, damp, and bloody miserable. Must be something we can do to elevate the mood, surely?

Like to try a little champagne?
Don't mind if I do!

I told you folks recently that I had stopped in to see the good folks at Tenterden's newest purveyor of fine wines and spirits, Liquid Pleasure. (Great name for a shop, by the way, boys.)

The 18th and 19th were the Official Grand Opening bash for the shop, which opened just in time for Christmas. There were lots of lovely new wines and champagnes available for sampling, and in addition to the knowledgeable staff, there were on hand four guys from different wineries to talk in depth about their wines. The gentleman pictured above is named Nick (I think - I didn't get his card) and he is waxing lyrical about Aspasie Champagne from the winery of Ariston Pere et Fils.  Not much of a champs drinker, me - but I quite liked it. Very light and refreshing, like a proper champagne is supposed to be.

This chap's name is Alessandro, and he was on hand to talk about red wines. The two he had me sample were Planeta's Plumbago Nero D'Avola, and Cuvee Confiance 2003. The Nero D'Avola was an interestingly spicy and fragrant red, quite unusual and, I have to say, probably my favourite of all the reds I tried.
Cannot remember this guy's name for the life of me, but he gave me two samples - one, a Privada Bodegas Norton, a lovely Argentinian red which is a Cabernet/Malbec blend, and the other, Chateau Haut Monplaisir Cahors. I liked them both equally, and although I'm not that much of a red drinker, I knew my stepdad Chris would totally dig them, so I need to start saving my pennies as they're both in the £14 - £17/bottle range.

This is Leigh Claridge, UK & Ireland Sales and Marketing Director for Maison Sichel, and an extremely tall chap. I'm 6 foot, and he towered above me. The two I tried from him were Domaine De Pellehaut 2010 Rose (really nice - I bought two bottles) and a white, which I cannot remember the name of, but it was quite nice.
Also on hand was a chap from Silcocks Farm Organics with a selection of local cheeses. Yum!

I bought a St. Michaels Blue, which is a very nice Stilton-type cheese, but not overpoweringly so.

Ian (store manager) and Nick chew the fat.

Kooshti sante!

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