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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oggi, Pollo alla Cacciatora con Patata e Piselli e Carote

Ooer! Jeff's gone all Italian-ish on us. The reason being that today we made a return journey to Jempson's (see recent post entitled Jolly Old Jempson's) and while there, had a spot of lunch.

Here's what I had...

Nice plate of Chicken Cacciatore.
Yummy and tomatoey-peppery, and quite substantial for £7.
Here's what Laura and Sis had...

The Hearty Brunch.
We decided to splurge on desserts too. Here's Laura's Chocolate Crunch...

Here's Sis' Apple Turnover avec Whipped Cream, no less.

And since I was getting another drink, I went for the Cream Tea.

Yum. With a little jar of Tiptree Strawberry Jam, no less.

Walking around the store, we saw some exciting and occasionally disturbing items.

I AM reading that correctly, am I not? A Chicken Curry Burger?
Back in the day, before I departed these sunny shores for the delights of the United States, the potato crisp market (translation for US folks: potato chips) was dominated by three main brands - Smiths, Golden Wonder, and KP. In the late 80's however, Walkers Crisps seemed to leap onto the scene, although the company had been making crisps since the early 50s. It became a national phenomenon, as Walkers seemed to have a better flavour and quality than the others. Nowadays they are huge.
To tie in with the British Comic Relief's 'Red Nose Day', they have launched 4 new flavours, each with a different funnyman on the label, with the idea being that you vote for your favourite flavour, and the winner to be announced on Red Nose Day. It's entitled "Clash Of The Comics" and involves four of the UK's best-known purveyors of humour:

There's Jimmy Carr's 'Jimmy Con Carrne',

Al Murray's "Steak and Al Pie",

"Stephen Fry-Up",

And Frank Skinner's "Frank Roast Dinner" (bit tenuous, that one).
Anyway, we bought some Stephen Fry Up flavour, and I'll be sure to let you know how that turns out, if I actually get to taste one.

What else did we see?

Theze kinda amuzed me zomewhat.
This evening I partook of a lovely Spanish brew called Estrella. Nice and light and refreshing without being weak.

Kooshti Sante!

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