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Monday, January 30, 2012

Name This Food: C'mon Guys...

...you're not even trying. The last Name This Food! asked what this was...

and despite its slightly odd appearance, I cannot believe that none of you even took a guess. This is that favourite dish beloved of most people over the age of about 2 - PIZZA. Yes, pizza. I know, the ingredients look a little unfamiliar, but there it is - some kind of meat, cheese and veg on top of a round of dough. Pizza.

OK, I made it tough because it would have been way too easy if I'd just used a shot of a Domino's or Papa John's. Speaking of which, all you American types that are fancying a visit here to the British Isles - we have Papa John's here. Yes. I mean, we've had Pizza hut and Domino's for years, but I was taken aback when I came back two years ago (has it really been two years? Yes folks, it has) and saw a Papa John's not far away in Ashford. But I digress. Would you like to have a recipe for the best and yummiest pizza dough ever? Wouldya? Huh? Of course you would. I found this recipe years ago in a copy of Woman's Day. What was I doing reading Woman's Day, you ask? Never you mind. OK, I'll fess up. I was clipping recipes. In my frilly apron.
OK, the best thing about this recipe is that it's freezable. Just pop the dough into a Ziploc and freeze for up to three months. I did this very successfully. I made some memorable (this had to be about 1995 - yes, that memorable) calzones and a huge veggie pizza with this the first time round and it was fab. OK, here's the link... http://www.womansday.com/recipefinder/easy-pizza-dough-recipe-120432

So, now I have to decide on the next Name This Food! food. Hmmm.

Name This Food!

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