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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pizza, Baby

Today I had to go to jolly ole Ashford to sign on at the JobCentre, or as my Colonial pals would say the unemployment office. So I found me a lovely downloadable coupon that would allow me to purchase one pizza or pasta, and get the second for a paltry 53p at Pizza Express. Now Pizza Express is a national chain, and they also market their pizzas in supermarket chains, so I had had one or two of their pizzas before, and I knew they were good, I just hadn't been to any of their restaurants before. So this was an opportunity to try something new, and out of the ordinary.

The weather of late has consisted of high winds and lashing rain, so we were glad that the parking garage was only a few short steps from the Pizza Express. First thing we did was to order some dinky-donks. I ordered an Americano and Laura chose a latte. I love the cups.

While looking at the menu, Sis and Laura were having hysterics over some of the pizza names, especially a lovely creation containing portobello mushrooms, garlic and parsley named "Funghi Di Bosco". Laura thought it sounded like a bad 70s cop show.... "Funghi and Bosco - two hard-boiled cops who walk a tightrope of crime..."

Laura and Sis both ordered the Il Padrino, a pizza with "torn chicken breast, rustica tomatoes and chargrilled Italian vegetables, on a rich sauce of tomato and pesto", as the menu put it. I had a hard time making my mind up, but finally plumped for the Veneziana, which had the intriguing combination of onions, capers, olives, sultanas and pine kernels. I was also enticed by the fact that 25p gets donated to the fund to stop the city of Venice from sinking every time a Veneziana pizza gets ordered. So I thought, I'll do my bit.

We could see the guy behind the counter working his magic, although no flying pizza dough, unfortunately.

When the pizzas arrived they looked fab.

The Il Padrino.

The Veneziana.
So we ate our yummy pizzas, and I have to say, mine was incredibly good. You wouldn't think that sultanas would be a good topping on a  pizza, but it really works.

After the pizza, we looked at each other and sort of said, "dessert?" in unison. So we had to have at least a look at the dessert list. Oh my God, they have gelato...

Sis plumped for a fab creation called a Chocolate Glory...

Laura chose the Banoffee Pie...

And just to be different, I chose a dessert that included coffee... the Semi Freddo Reale, a creamy gelato dessert made with nougat, praline and marsala wine.

Mmmm, yumptious.
All in all, a good experience foodwise, the server could have been a little more attentive, but she was on her own. So let's say a healthy four and a half yums out of 5.

Kooshti sante!

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