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Monday, November 8, 2010

The White Lion, again

Wow! It's a wild, wet and woolly day today! We had planned to go with my sister and meet up with her friend Rhonda and her sweet baby Matilda for a spot of lunch. But these shores have been taking a bit of a battering weather-wise, lots of rain and wind, as well as cold, so we went with some trepidation, and raincoats.

We met up with them in town and we decided to stay close by because of the weather, so The White Lion seemed like a safe bet, because (a) it was just a few yards away, (b) we know it's good as we've been there many times before, and (c) they still have a 2 for £10 menu! Bargain city! That's what I'm all about - getting the biggest bang for my buck... er, pound.

Recently my mother and her hubby Chris went to the Lion to take advantage of the 2 for £10 offer, and as always seems to happen to my mother, they were out of what she wanted to order. Sometimes this does happen, especially on a good-priced menu. I remember the first time I ate from the 2 for £10 menu, I wanted the Asparagus and Pea Risotto, which sounded fab, but they were out, so I had the Chicken and Bacon Salad instead. The key with a cut-price menu is to always have a backup in place, because with popular items they just might run out. I wasn't disappointed with the C & B Salad, in fact it was awesome, so I didn't feel cheated.

Anyway, today, I got to have the fabulous Asparagus and Pea Risotto, which came with some delicious garlic bread...

I don't know how you like to eat, but I piled some risotto on the garlic bread and ate bites of  risotto open-faced sandwich.
My lovely lady Laura plumped for the Ham, Egg and Chips, which looked pretty scrummy...

Notice Baby eyeing up the people food.
Rhonda and Sis both chose Pie of The Day, which today happened to be Pork and Mushroom...

So all in all, a nice warming repast. Then the waitress said the fatal words: "Would anyone like to see the dessert menu?"
Who, in all honesty, has an easy time saying "Well, no thank you, kind lady, but we are completely stuffed, and the bill is what we really want."? None of you. So what could we say? "Umm...weeelll, okay."

So we ordered dessert. Not often we do that at lunch, but it was kind of a late lunch. Don't judge. All the desserts looked so tasty that we decided on the Taster Plate. Little portions of three popular choices. We got two, one for each side of the table.

Chocolate pot, Peach Crumble, and a Lemon Eton Mess at the far end. This was taken after a few mouthfuls, but you get the idea.
So, fully sated, we headed off back into the treacherous weather. Thinking "an easy four and a half yums out of 5!"

Now, tomorrow they bring in their new Winter Menu... rest assured, you'll hear about it sometime soon.

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