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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Return to The Lion

Well, I told you I'd go back for the new menu, and go back I did. I met with Laura after she finished work and we went for lunch at The White Lion. The place was heaving in the restaurant side, with a party of about 14 old dabs taking up one whole side of the dining room, and only one actual waitress working. The manager and the lady on the front desk were taking orders and running food, it was that busy. Anyway, we gamely pressed on and ordered.

On the 2 for £10 menu there were about three major changes - the Asparagus and Pea Risotto that I had had last time was gone, and in its stead was a Butternut Squash risotto. The Chicken and Bacon Salad had been replaced by a different salad (can't remember what) and another dish had been replaced with Liver & Onions.

The manager also told us that there were two specials on the 2 for £10 menu - Lamb Shank, and Rack of Lamb. Well, I figured that since I've had lamb quite a bit over the years, and hadn't had liver since I was about 20, I would go for it. And boy, was I glad I did. For this was lamb's liver, and it was cooked properly.

Sitting atop a mound of mashed potatoes, drenched in a delicious gravy and with a slice of bacon on top.
Beautifully tender liver, with a gravy to die for, and a side dish of yummy veggies.

Laura wanted the lamb shank, but apparently so did all the old dabs on the big table, so they ran out. Instead she chose lasagne...
Loads of cheese on it, lovely bit of salad and two monster pieces of garlic ciabatta.
I had a glance at the new main menu, but really, if the liver and onions was anything to go by, I didn't have to worry. The food here is great and even if the service gets slowed up by a table of old dears, it's worth waiting for. 
Happy to give it a four and three quarter yums out of 5!

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