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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cheesy In More Ways Than One

I am something of a charity-shop nut. I love scratching around in those place and finding choice items, and today's foray into Oxfam was no exception. I picked up a book that I used to own a copy of back in the early 90's. 

Produced in the early 70s by the Cheese Information Service (who knew that such a thing existed?), you could only buy this from your milkman. Who has a milkman these days? Very few, sad to say. This copy (3rd edition, 1974) had another hidden treasure inside. The original flyer advertising this very book.

Only 45p plus two extra pintas!
Now those of you fortunate enough not to have lived through the 70s in the UK may not get the whole 'pintas' reference. It comes from a 1960s milk advertisement that encouraged you to 'DRINKA PINTA MILKA DAY', back when milk was assumed to be healthy and not fat-laden. The 'pinta' bit just sort of stuck.

Some of the recipes contained within are well, let's say interesting.

It seems you can do anything with cheese. I'll be revisiting this book from time to time on these here pages. So until then,

Kooshti Sante!

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