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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prezzo Again

Let's start by listing some positives about Prezzo, which, if you were not already aware, is a national Italian restaurant chain.

  • They have lots of yummy Italian food.
  • They have frequent good offers via email or web.
  • Errr... that's it.
Not wishing to diss Prezzo in the slightest, but they are on the upper end of reasonable, and can veer towards the pricey. Which is why today Laura and I ate there as we had a voucher. Buy 2 main dishes and the second one is only £2. Good deal.

I found it hard to decide on my meal, as the entire right side of the menu and most of the left side sounded amazing. Finally we made our decisions.

Laura had the Italian Burger. What made it Italian was the addition of a slice of prosciutto. Pretty thick burger too, and nicely cooked.

My choice was the King Prawn Risotto, which had large chunks of smoked salmon in there as well as prawns, and some nice bits of leek. I liked this, but it went awfully fast (risotto is one of those things that is easy to just scoff) and I'll probably try something different next time. I want a dinner to last a bit. By the time I was halfway through this, Laura was barely into her burger, and she gave me some of that, too.
The main problem I have with Prezzo (bearing in mind that I have only ever visited my local branch in Tenterden) is the service. Not that it's slow - far from it. It just seems that the vast majority of the wait staff are from other parts of the world, and therefore since English is not their first language it inhibits them from fully connecting with the customer, so one can be forgiven for feeling that their waiter or waitress is somewhat indifferent towards their guests. I know from experience as a waiter and caterer that you need to make your guests feel like they are cared for, but all I get in Prezzo is a feeling that they want me to eat and pay and leave, although when it came to getting the bll it took some time. Like I say, I've only been to the Tenterden branch and so my view my be somewhat skewed. But the food, I can't fault.

Kooshti sante!

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