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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pizza Express

I've been to Pizza Express a couple of times before and this time didn't disappoint. The thing I like about Pizza Express (well, this one, at least - I haven't been to any other branches, so I can't report on them) is how light and airy the place is.

I love the layout and the look and aesthetics of everything. If you weren't hungry for some decent pizza before you came in, you will be - the place just reeks of authenticity.

I love that you can watch the preparation of the food right in front of you - it's actually quite reassuring if you can see what goes into your food while it's being made.

First order of business - drinks!

Black coffee - of course!
Laura decided on the Raspberry Lemonade. An excellent choice, as it turned out.

She says it was very refreshing - not too sweet or icky, but just the right balance.

We started with some garlic bread with mozzarella.

Love it when it's fresh out of the oven.
My main course was the 'Veneziana' pizza. Oh my. Red onion, black olives, capers, sultanas, pine nuts, cheese...

A little chilli oil on the side.

Laura had the Pollo Pesto Pasta. Bit of a tongue twister, so it was appropriate that it had the curly pasta.

Delicious. Believe me, I had a taste.
Some dough sticks to share on the side.

The service was very good too - quick and attentive without being intrusive. And they got all excited when I explained I was taking pictures because I wrote a food blog, so I hope they read this. I left them my card with the URL on it, so they really have no excuse! Lovely experience and a resounding 4.75 yums out of a possible 5!

Kooshti Sante!

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