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Monday, April 9, 2012

Krush Groove

One can never really explain how it is one ends up inside a branch of KFC - you just end up there.  We were recently at the KFC in  Ravenside Retail park in Glyne Gap. Glyne Gap is that area to the west of Hastings that isn't quite Bexhill-on-Sea. And we were hungry. So we popped in. 

KFC are promoting two new items on their menu - the first is the Dippin' Feast, which is actually not quite as good value as the Deluxe Boneless Box despite being almost identical. The other is the Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Box Meal. 

Levi Roots, as you may or may not be aware, is a chef of West Indian extraction who became an overnight success a few years back by being the winner of Dragon's Den with his Reggae Reggae sauce - a recipe handed down by his grandma and tweaked by Levi. He's now a household name and has all kinds of products in the supermarket bearing his name, from sauces to one-pot meals to frozen dishes to pizza. KFC, ever the savvy marketers, know a good bandwagon to jump on when they see it and so they had Levi add his name to a 'new' sandwich - the Reggae Reggae Fillet Burger. Except it's nothing but the regular Fillet Burger with a bit of Reggae Reggae Sauce slapped on top. Nice, but not exceptional.

What I did enjoy, though, was the new star in the KFC Krush'ems galaxy, the Cadbury's Caramel Krush'ems. A Krush'ems, for the uninitiated, is somewhere between a regular shake and a McFlurry in consistency. You can actually suck it through the straw, which is nice. McFlurries always make you feel like your lungs are collapsing, but this is drinkable. And yes, even though they clearly don't use Cadbury's Caramel bars in the manufacture of this beverage, it does approximate the taste of one quite well. Not bad.

My Krush'ems in comparison to its ad. Hmm.

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