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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cornish Pasties: An Extra Bit

So you recall that recently I was going on and on about Cornish Pasties. Well, yesterday I went to Maidstone with my girlfriend Laura and as we exited Monsoon, a ladies' clothing store in Week Street, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Cornish Pasty shop: you read it right here!

Lots of lovely fillings available in addition to the lovely choices above (click to enlarge pic), including a chicken curry version. Mmmm.
And not only did they have pasties, but turnovers and sausage rolls, and and and...
Oh yeah.
We saw some interesting food items on our shopping excursion...

Willy cookies.

Inside House Of Fraser we passed by the Christmas giftie section. I know, it's only just Fall, but the Xmas fever is upon us.

Goes without saying.

Some lovely Tiptree preserves in a fab mixing bowl.

It really wouldn't be Christmas without some chocolate coins, would it? Except these ones are as big as a dinner plate.
These look like some vintage radios, right?
Wrong. Schnapps!
What about these cool fridges?

Schnapps again!

And it wouldn't really be Christmas without a bottle of bubbly. Cheers! *hic!*

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