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Friday, September 3, 2010

When Yo' In My Hut, You Know What's Up

So yesterday Sis and I decided, after going to run a few errands in Ashford, that due to the lateness of the hour we would eat out, and after a little debate we plumped for Pizza Hut. Now the last time I was in a Pizza Hut of any kind was back in the States, probably a year ago or more, and more than likely it would have been the one in Gainesville, GA, on the corner of Pearl Nix Parkway and Browns Bridge Road. Not a very new one, and not particularly nice either. For those who might be visiting Gainesville anytime soon, be advised - if Pizza Hut is on your to-do list (and frankly, why would it be?) then you need the one on Thompson Bridge Road near the Wachovia. It's newer and cleaner and the quality is better, although the service is S-L-O-W and the order might be a bit screwed up. Anyhoo, it had been over 20 years since I'd been to an English Pizza Hut branch, so I wasn't getting my hopes up. However, I was pleasantly surprised. First, there was the interior decor, which is pretty groovesome.

The menu is pretty different than what I had become accustomed to in the USA...

...and it looked very appetizing. We picked a large Chicken Supreme on thin crust, and decided to start with two salad bowls. The salad bar had all sorts of exotic and unusual items, including hummus, new potatoes, couscous, kalamata olives and salsa. Mmmm. Here's what mine looked like...

... and then came our pizza.

Which we soon reduced to this...

and believe me, that didn't last long. Dang good pizza.
There was also a fellow fixing something underneath the nearby computer, which created this photo-op...
...and one of the waiters looked startlingly like David Arquette minus the moustache. He didn't come near enough to the table for me to snap him in action, though.

Later, while back in my hometown I spotted something which infuriated the grammar and punctuation freak in me. See if you can spot what I mean.

These two signs are in the same window, right next to each other. Come on. If you can get it right in one, you can get it right in both, surely?


  1. That salad looks amazing. Now that I think about it, we used to visit a Pizza Hut in the Dornbusch neighborhood of Frankfurt AM that was pretty exceptional. Maybe they've just given up on their franchises in the States (or State's).

  2. Luckily they didn't put "Cream Tease"!


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